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 Under Investigation, Nepotism

(NEPOTISM) - Father & Son are in the Same Department and the One is the City Engineering BOSS and makes decisions on the other's future
Targeting Senior Citizen, Corruption 
- Complaint
Is there Pay to Play going on in Wyandotte Engineering? Cues missed or missed interpreted? Is SENIOR Old age affecting his judgments?

Seems to flip-flop and change his own statements (on record) and his own facts to meet wants, responds only when he decides,  & can that be trusted by anyone? What made him leave the City of  Taylor's Building Dept. really? Is there double dipping with the retirement pension?
If you pay, do you get a YES or an OK? Allegedly was the top sign-off man for the cell phone towers in Wyandotte Engineering on top of Washington School without perhaps thinking or perhaps caring what could happen to the growing students being exposed for hours a day.



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