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GREAT FREE OPPORTUNITY for Freelancers, College Tech. Depts., Schools, IT GROUPS, Developers - 
1BIG Hub

Affiliate Referrals HUB
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Wonderful Learning

(Help us to make peoples' decisions easier and make good money for you, your group, your college or your school system)

Practical Solutions From a 

STARTER Developer of many websites that you probably already know and an actual Teacher in one of the most diverse cities in all of America in MI


Colleges or School Systems (This will give Great School PR and the Greatest Real-Life Business Learning Experiences No Matter How Much Money is Made - Some sites will just make a ton of money and some less.) Decisions will be made in the next few months as to who while application letters of interest are being accepted. Send us a letter to our email as to your interest and why our choices should include you. 


JOIN US FOR FREE WITH NO RISKS AND MAKE GOOD MONEY and help others in the process. Review our large list below - almost all our website names have the names WITH BOTH - 1 and One 


Use one or numerous of our website names and make MONEY from your chosen top or best affiliates while helping to make peoples' searches easier. Are you a Website Developer or a Group from anywhere in the world? If you are a website developer or group help us on our journey for mainly the U.S.A. at first  (United States) (others down the road) to make a convenient 1 Major Hub to help consumers. Just use one or more of our names from below from our 1 Hubz and add the best or top affiliates referrals sites and you will get 50% of the website profits generated from any of the names you develop as long as we use your developed website (6 months minimum).


You and us drive the traffic and we plan to be an all-encompassing 1Hub to help make all consumers' choices easier and faster helping them to find the top and the best choices. (You may want to make a 1-page website or more that has just the top 5 or 10 best (what you think) affiliate GENERATING websites in your chosen category(ies) or something more spectacular and then promote it.  Example: Put in Top 10 Best Education Affiliate Programs in 2023, etc. and then get the results and then put into a website and put it on a website of ours and we will split the profits (A large percentage of our profits will go to further Educational Scholarships) 

YOU may even want to use A.I. -

Just contact us on our Contact page or at and let us know which one(s) you are thinking about and we will let you know the current availability.

 or TEXT us at (1-734-556-6693)

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(Referrals HUB Websites with Your TOP PICKED Affiliates)

How We Got Here - We solve problems and save time = 1 HUB - (Referrals Website) FOR MOST NEEDS - SOLVES A BIG PROBLEM and Helps CONSUMERS narrow down their CHOICES and save their time in finding good products and services. It is a place to find the top 4-10 used and A GOOD VALUE (we do the work) in every category with their associated affiliate marketing links, direct products, etc.


HELPS SOLVE THE CONSUMERS' PROBLEM OF THEIR TIME SPENT and helps them figure out WHICH TO CONSIDER FIRST FOR PURCHASING (Narrows down to the really good choices)


For example on Google - Too many choices when a product area is searched and who knows what are the really good choices to look at first (we do that work).

Our mission is to help organize the world’s product and service information in a useful way to help save time & help in making good buying choices for good quality products & good quality services

(we do that work). We look at who is the largest, most dependable, best value for their dollars for good products, or considered the best, etc., amongst other things to find the top 4-10 used and A GOOD VALUE.

Example: A SCHOOL - - Schools have many different things they need to purchase so they would buy in many different areas, and ours would help by specializing in Schools' purchasing habits, so they know what the best choices are and where they should go first probably for a certain type of item and also who are the largest, most dependable, best value for their dollars for good products, or considered the best, etc.


Etc., Etc. also for the rest of the names -

Confident Businesswoman


The Possibilities Are Endless

At = 1 Hub, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you live differently. In order to empower our users to do better, is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For additional information, contact us today.

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We pride ourselves on quality, products, services & value


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