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Wyandotte, Michigan 


Citizen Complaints


Complaints, Comments, News & Other for Citizens

Is Wyandotte Extremely Racist and One of the Most RACIST in U.S.? 


Are  the visitors and citizens being targeted, and cited due to their race out of proportion to their numbers?


Wyandotte's - Washington school possible cell phone

radiation and its effects on the small children bodies in


the school building for many hours a day from cell towers


on top of the Washington school make many TV news

213 Superior Blvd. - Wyandotte, MI

SENIOR Citizen Resident of Wyandotte - 20+ years

Says the City of Wyandotte is trying to steal the home


or take home where he lives, due to a recent hole in roof of a 


property he owns 215-217 Superior Blvd. from a branch that


has already been fixed as a  punishment towards him


after they knew the 215-217 Property was going to be fixed


to cost him dearly and his home, & take away where he stays,


though he has very sick parents with very major Dementia


(Directly Involved - Wyandotte City Engineer and the Boss -


Greg Mayhew who is an Ex-Taylor city employee where things


like this went on allegedly, His son Joe Mayhew who reports

directly to his father in Wyandotte and evaluated (Nepotism), 

- Kelly RobertsJesus Plasencia - City Engineering - involved)

Mayor Robert DeSana - Kaylyn Crayne - City Council Member



Investigations, Corruption Probe, Alleged Improprieties towards numerous things -Everything and every action by the Wyandotte Engineering Department and its personnel, and every action towards this property and its affiliated properties from the Wyandotte Engineering Department and its personnel, and every email regarding this property and its affiliated properties each way since the first original January- 2023 Wyandotte Board Meeting from the Wyandotte Engineering Department and its personnel, to be gone through again, step by step and evaluated by an unbiased 3rd party source which neither has any affiliations and asked to be gone through again also step by step by the Wyandotte Elected City Council Board and its members for transparency for its own Wyandotte Citizen for a fair resolution.


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